Israel Needs your Help

USK is part of Israel’s emergency response team.

Our responsibility is to deliver tens of thousands of cooked meals to frightened families in shelters. From the first hours, all wheels were moving, turning out meals as fast as possible.

Providing emergency aid to the 600+ bereaved families

from the Yishuvim directly hit. Many were taken to hotels near the Dead Sea or Eilat, almost all came without anything, after losing family members and loved ones.

Supply meals to shelter opening in the center of Israel

Three containers of children’s clothing are on standby for distribution later this week in central Israel for families that needed to flee their home.

Providing meals for the civilian population

Especially cooked meals for elderly and holocaust survivors frightened in shelters. all meals must be home delivered since the soup kitchens in affected areas have been closed until further notice.

We can use your donations now more than ever.

Help us reach our goal

$138,534 of $150,000 raised

United Soup Kitchens is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, registered under EIN Number 20-0042618

United Soup Kitchens is in collaboration with Colel Chabad